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Health, Safety & Environment

Our main policy and primary goals are:

zero accidents and injuries.


The working environment is an important foundation within all parts of GL Contracting AS and is a priority both in daily and long-term work.

It is the company's belief that a good working environment and a quality con-scious approach contributes to good performance. Our work environment is characterized by respect for the individual and provides a facility that is safe and contributes to efficiency and comfort.

Emphasis is placed on systematic preventive work, which is done in close co-operation between management, employees, work organization and occupa-tional health. Each employee should be locally given the opportunity to partici-pate in the development of a good working environment.

Each employee has a personal responsibility for their safety in their daily work, thus it is everyone's responsibility to follow instructions and procedures and to be alert and report any damage or health risk.

It is in the interest of the company to uphold a higher standard than the minimal requirements for a good work environment and rehabilitation. We will maintain an active dialogue with authorities, our employees and our working environment.